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670 53 3 days ago

Three years ago I quit my job and headed out into the unknown.... and this is what happened next. Song by Ken Colt (used with permission from the artist)

585 10 3 days ago

Today marks my three year anniversary of giving up my 9-5 to chase this dream. I’ve learned a lot about the world, but even more about myself. Grateful doesn’t begin to describe the support I’ve received these last three years, but thank you. Three years ago I headed out into the vast world with no plan and a dream in my head. Something I shared three years ago as I sat in an empty office still rings true in my head, “Today there is no wind to hold me back. Today there is no wind to push me. Today I go on my own.” Photo 1 by @forrestmankins Photo 2 by @jasononeil

409 2 4 days ago

That moment a fishing eagle comes up to investigate your drone in the Philippines... swipe left to check out a quick video highlight of this island off the coast of El Nido.

419 22 a week ago

There are few things in the world that I love more than Montana night skies, so I decided to throw together a video highlighting a few of my favorite evenings under the stars in Montana (and Old Faithful)

640 8 2 weeks ago

I haven’t really picked up my camera in the few weeks since coming home from my big trip, which always wears on my soul. But what I have been doing is spending time going through the last three years of living semi-nomadically. A lot of time reflecting on this journey, but mostly on the people I’ve shared it with... including all of you. I’ll never be able to fully articulate what it’s meant to chase this dream these last few years, but I’m hoping the project I’m working on now will do just that.

938 10 2 weeks ago

I just looked out the window to see it snowing, a quick reminder from Montana that winter isn’t over yet.

807 19 3 weeks ago

Monday dreaming of kayaking the crystal clear waters of the Philippines.

450 16 4 weeks ago

28. Yesterday I celebrated my 28th birthday, and while I’m not much for birthdays I couldn’t help but reflect on the journey the last few years. Comments, calls, messages, and texts came from around the world in numerous different languages as friends shared memories we’ve shared together over the years. I don’t believe in luck... but I do believe I’m pretty damn lucky to call you all friends. Cheers to many adventures ahead. 📸: @samrouda_

662 17 4 weeks ago

Six weeks. Six weeks of living in the SE Hemisphere, six weeks of living out of a single backpack, six weeks of living. Tonight I leave Bali and continue my 72 hour journey home. Although trips like this really make me question the definition of home. I’m excited to return to Montana full of stories to tell and photos to share, but part of my heart will always remain over here.

529 11 6 weeks ago

Only a few months ago I was watching the sunset on the western most point in Europe at Cabo da Roca in Portugal. A few days ago I watched the sunrise on the furthest eastern point in Australia at Byron Bay. This winter of travels has been one for the books, but 2019 is just getting warmed up.

478 12 7 weeks ago

[Swipe left for the timelapse] There was a time when I used to timelapse everything, but then I got away from it in favor of trying to capture more “content” per location. But I missed the presence of moment brought by timelapsing. It requires patience and frees me up to enjoy the moment not through the lens as I let the camera do the work. Maybe 2019 is the year I slow back down and bring this presence back.

409 10 7 weeks ago

Leaving Bali today, but this journey is far from over. Any guesses where I’m heading next? It’s a new one for me!

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