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5215 88 14 hours ago

Making friends everywhere I go 👋🏼 🦙| We headed back to Machu Picchu this morning and the Llamas were out roaming around. We then headed up Wayna Picchu mountain where we took in another perspective of the area. Last time I came I hiked Machu Picchu mountain which is on the other side, along with Putucusi Mountain, starting from Aguas Calientes, so it’s great having been able to see this wonder of the world from all angles! @trovatrip #machupicchu #peru #freshairandfreedom

6421 188 a day ago

I have been in Peru one week now and even though it’s my second time visiting the country, it’s blown me away just the same 🇵🇪 🖤 | Who’s been to Machu Picchu!? @trovatrip #freshairandfreedom #peru #machupicchu

3575 30 2 days ago

It feels so great to be back in this beautiful country 🖤 @trovatrip | Thanks @jayyyludwig for the photo! #freshairandfreedom #peru

2840 36 5 days ago

Traveling, it leaves you speechless & then turns you into a story teller | I love the conversation that develops between myself and others who adventure, travel, and hike. Even though the trails and places may be different it’s the shared passion, lessons and common feelings and emotions that develop and make us feel more connected with one another. As an educator I feel experience is SO important and something we can bring into the classroom that will assist us with our own teaching and relationships with not only the kids, but other teachers, parents and ourselves | It all makes me a more well rounded person ✌🏼 @eddiebauer #whyihike #ebcontributor #liveyouradventure

4273 78 5 days ago

Yesterday was fun ✌🏼 We started our Peru adventure in the capital, Lima, bussed down to Paracas for a boat tour and then kept trucking over to Huacachina for some dunebuggying and sandboarding (I went to sleep still feeling as though I was moving - was quite the day)! This afternoon we’re heading for Arequipa, before making it to Cusco for tomorrow evening @gopro | @trovatrip then kicks off on the 15th! Can’t wait to meet the group! #peru #huacachina #itsgoodtobeback

3511 43 a week ago

Did you know that every year Canadians use almost THREE BILLION plastic bags and fill our Great Lakes with an estimated 10,000 tonnes of plastic? If we are going to protect our rivers, lakes and oceans we need to act now. Join @CoronaCanada, @Parley.tv and myself  as we work together to clean up our shorelines. On July 27th I will be joining a beach clean up at Lindsey Park in Calgary and would LOVE to have you join! I have linked more information in my bio, along with a swipe up link in my story. Feel free to message for more info or click the link to find out more! Hope to see you there! #Corona_Partner #coronaxparley

2623 58 a week ago

It’s finally starting to sink in that I will be back in this magical place in a couple short days! It’s been 4 years. Tomorrow I will be setting out for a two week trip to Peru with @trovatrip , an adventure that has been in the works for a while. Back in August they reached out to me asking if I would want to host a trip, and I was a tad hesitant at first but am so happy I said yes and am so excited to meet the other 17 travellers that will be joining myself down South! I will be posting when I can along the way - stories and photos, sharing all the fun things we get up to. Who’s been to Peru!? * * Reminder I have another trip in the works with them, though to Patagonia, from March 1-8th, which is linked in my bio. Feel free to DM me with ANY questions that you have.

3522 27 2 weeks ago

Surround yourself with people who see your value, and remind you of it 🖤🐶 Grateful for these two and the balance they bring to my life #freshairandfreedom

4111 45 2 weeks ago

Just a couple girls and our ‘babies’ on a mountain top @leahtylerszucki 🖤 #freshairandfreedom

4805 56 2 weeks ago

Sometimes you just need to phone up a friend and say ‘Pack your bags, we’re going on an adventure’. I messaged my friend @leahtylerszucki a couple days ago saying let’s go hiking this week... she has a 7 week old little one and didn’t hesitate at all in saying ‘Ya girl! Let’s do it’. She inspires me so much and I’m so proud of her for continuing to get outside and enjoying the outdoors even with a newborn! She’s also a great photographer 💁🏼‍♀️ * * I am wearing the @eddiebauer 20L adventurer trail pack #ebcontributor #whyihike #liveyouradventure

2490 28 2 weeks ago

‘I saw that my life was a vast growing empty page and I could do anything I wanted’ - Jack Kerouac 🖤 Thanks @crp13 for the photo!! Love that @timber_tails appreciates a good chill sesh as much as I do #freshairandfreedom #canadaday #prairiemountain

3531 37 2 weeks ago

❤️🇨🇦 I created the hashtag #freshairandfreedom years ago now and it’s been so fun following along with others who utilize it on their adventures. I couldn’t think of a better way to describe the country I am so blessed to call home. Happy Canada Day weekend! #canadaday * * We have been SO busy, finishing up the end of the school year, moving into our new place, and getting stuff organized before leaving on a couple trips... I woke up this morning in our new place, we were having coffee and I looked over at @crp13 and said, soooo want to go to the mountains? He said yep! So we packed up and headed out. We were hiking by noon. My soul needed today 🙏🏼 & my shirt reads ‘My motivation for running: Peanut Butter’ ... and yes it’s the best shirt.

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