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As an entrepreneur, I am often asked how I get so much done. This question has come up more and more recently now that my behind-the-scenes work (created over the span of SEVERAL months) is yielding public recognition. What's my secret? . . . There is no secret. It comes down to three interconnected concepts: managing your time, managing your energy and setting priorities. We all get 24 hours in a day. What will ultimately make a difference in the long run is HOW you choose to spend those 24 hours. Let's look at each factor carefully... . . MANAGING YOUR TIME: How do you spend your day? What are your commitments? You can keep a diary for a week where you list your activities and the time spent doing each activity. Do you see any patterns? Was there anything that surprised you once you assessed your schedule? Are your current activities (and therefore the time spent doing them) in alignment with your long-term goals? MANAGING YOUR ENERGY: How do you fuel your body, mind, and spirit each day? Your energy management goes hand in hand with where you give your attention. Do you feel mentally and emotionally drained at the end of the day? What is causing this feeling? Is it the company you keep? Your overall environment? The activities you choose and your mindset may or may not be contributing to your energy depletion. You can keep a diary for a week to monitor your energy levels throughout each day, carefully noting the circumstances, feelings, and activities associated with your energy state. What changes (if any) can you make to increase your energy and to refuel regularly? SETTING PRIORITIES Where do you say "yes" in life? Are you saying "yes" to commitments that are in alignment with your long-term goals? Where can you begin to say "no" in order to say "yes" to something you really want? #entrepreneurship #timemanagement #energymanagement #settingpriorities #goalsetting . . . Image by Hojun Kang from @pixabay

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One of the best things about media coverage is SYNDICATION. My interview with Authority Magazine, published earlier this week, was syndicated to @thrive a day later. As an entrepreneur, syndication makes you more effective (and efficient) when it comes to marketing because syndication means more coverage and more impact without any additional effort on your part. #win If you missed my interview earlier this week, you can check it out on Thrive Global right here: πŸ‘‰ https://thriveglobal.com/stories/make-sure-to-take-regular-digital-breaks-with-fitness-trainer-and-health-coach-demi-dee/ #entrepreneurship #media #feature #syndication #thriveglobal

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Learning to love myself, trusting my intuition, and setting healthy boundaries. These were just some of the topics I discussed with Authority Magazine in my latest interview. Check it out here: πŸ‘‡ https://medium.com/authority-magazine/make-sure-to-take-regular-digital-breaks-with-fitness-trainer-and-health-coach-demi-dee-44717a194e10 . . . . #digitaldetox #selfesteem #senseofself #loveyourself #wellbeing #selfcare #healing #healthyhabits #holistichealth #healthylifestyle #bodyconfidence #bodyimage #tween #teen #Canada #UnitedStates #Australia #relationships #selfacceptance #selfreflection #boundaries #peoplepleasing #burnout #socialmedia #celebrity #influencers #stigma #authoritymagazine @medium @claire.zammit.ph.d @laurenfranceslove @christinearylo

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Tired of feeling stuck in a mundane cycle? It's not too late. On August 1, 2019, join me at the Ravenous Living Online Summit to celebrate the International Day of Joy. This summit brings together some of the world’s top experts giving you all the tools you need to move from the lethargic status quo to ravenous living. Each speaker will be sharing a video with their best secrets and offering a free gift designed to help you to live life on your terms. @dr.marinakostina Register now for free: πŸ‘‰ https://www.ravenousliving.com/ . . . . . #onlinesummit #joiedevivre #internationaldayofjoy #joy #lifeonyourterms

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I'm hanging out with @womenofinflnce this evening to learn from Roxy Earle (@luxuriousroxy), Hana James (@greenhousejuice), and Lexi Miles (@waxon) - amazing women who have built successful lifestyle brands. #entrepreneurship #lifestylebrand #womenofinfluence

28 2 6 weeks ago

What a day! I didn't advance to the final round yesterday; however, I'm walking away with a lot of valuable information and in a better position than I was in before this competition. #win Here are my 5 key takeaways from this experience: 1. Start before you're ready. Register for a pitch competition even if you don't feel ready yet. The preparation and experience of the event itself will help you identify any gaps in your business model; boost your confidence as you overcome your fears of public speaking; and expand your network as you meet competitors, exhibitors, and judges. You want to find out early on whether you are on the right track with your business; and if you're not, you'll have a better idea of how to pivot or iterate. . . 2. Arrive early! Although I was already registered to pitch, this didn't necessarily guarantee that I would get to pitch in Round 1. There were easily over 100 people in line to pitch ahead of me and only 20 people would advance to Round 2. I arrived at 8 am. Round 1 pitching was scheduled for 8-9 am. Luckily, the line moved quickly and I got through, but this could have gone differently had there been more people ahead of me. #RookieMistake . . 3. Bring an assistant to the competition to help you with social media posting and last-minute errands, and to be your cheerleader in case you have thoughts of running away before your pitch... . . 4. Find a "power partner" entrepreneur. This is a fellow entrepreneur who can help you prepare for the competition and cheer you on now and throughout the entrepreneurial journey in general. . . 5. As #ElleWoods says, you must always have faith in yourself! The number one predictor of success is your belief in yourself. It can be nerve-racking as you face new challenges and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Your inner critique gives you reasons to throw in the towel and rationalizes why you can't do this. You need to quiet those thoughts and carry on. #GlobalEntrepreneur #entrepreneurship #pitching

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Round 1 of the Canadian Export Challenge Pitch Competition is in the books!! Here's a quick Q & A after round 1. #GlobalEntrepreneur #pitching #entrepreneurship @startupcanada

24 6 6 weeks ago

Today's the day! I'm pitching @theknockoutroom at the Canadian Export Challenge Pitching Competition. Here we go!! #entrepreneurship #pitching #GlobalEntrepreneur @startupcanada

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Had an amazing time this weekend bouncing with @kangooclubcanada! Our Kick&Punch Kangoo Jumps instructor training session combined kickboxing moves with rebound fitness for an intense full-body workout! This workout improves agility, balance, and coordination while increasing your confidence and endurance. Highly recommended! . . . . . . #kangoojumps #bouncefitness #reboundfitness #healthylifestyle #kickboxing #knockout #fitnesstraining #confidenceboost #agility #balance #coordination #endurance #intenseworkout

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My interview with #authoritymagazine (published last month) was syndicated to @Thrive! I love Thrive Global's mandate. Self-care is so important; your well-being affects all areas of your life. Having a thirst for life and a reason to get up in the morning can transform your life! You can read the interview here. πŸ‘‡ https://thriveglobal.com/stories/know-that-you-have-the-power-to-change-your-life-to-turn-things-around-to-make-things-better-with-demi-dee-and-dr-marina-kostina/ I shared tips on living your life with joie de vivre, my insights on my own life, my inspirations and motivations. Check it out!

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Fun day at @canfitpro with @jillhewlett for Brain Fitness Level 2. The highlight for me was learning about our dominance profile - ie which brain is dominant - your left brain or your right brain - and how does that affect you? Brain fitness is crucial for self-care and self management, especially in a world that is always "on".

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