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Hey, everyone. There are many girls who are commenting on my write-ups like,” ki ache ladke hote hi Kaha hai”. Let me just clear that, dear, I can understand your point. I know the reason why are you saying like this? If you have a theory that every guy is an asshole, you are wrong.  Maybe, someone molested you  Maybe, someone cheated on you. Or maybe, someone used you. Listen, girl, not everyone is your ex. The person who disrespected you and insulted you is a fuck boy. You don’t need to label everyone. It hurts, it really hurts.  Think before you say something.  Not every boy sees you with lust in eyes. Not every boy wants to sleep with you. Not every boy wants to use you. Not every boy blah blah blah. Do not label everyone because of few fuck boys.  I know women’s have to go through a lot but yes, I can bet on this, every girl has a boyfriend, a brother, and a father. Who are they then? Yes, good guys exist believe me. The ones who ask you if you’re okay and wait to hear your answer. Who reach for your hand in the middle of the night and will kiss your forehead when they wake up.  Yes, good guys exist The ones who say things like: ‘Get home safely.’ ‘Be careful.’ ‘Have fun tonight.’‘I’m proud of you.’ ‘How was your day?’ Yes, good guys exist The ones who make you feel like you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Because they never stop saying you’re pretty even in moments you don’t believe it. Yes, please don’t label everyone again, it hurts. I respect every woman out there with my friends. I hope you all got my point. And when you find a guy like this never stop valuing and appreciating him. Because it wasn’t too long ago, you can recall thinking back to a time where you wonder if someone like him existed. Thank you. Comment❤️if you like it  Tag all those good boys and drop your precious comments . . @prilaga #ElSalvador #CostaRica #Canada #PuertoRico #UnitedStates #UnitedStateofAmerica #Bahamas #prilaga #Cuba #Argentina #USA #Peru #Hawaii #Paraguay #Jamaica #BritishColumbia #Brazil #Guatemala #Bolivia #Colombia #Mexico #VirginIslands #Haiti #Chile #Timezone #Panama #Bermuda #Uruguay #Alaska #Ecuador

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