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144 4 2 weeks ago

The second coin the Mutiny & Rebellion series marks a rebellion that changed Australia's colonial history. In a dramatic clash between elite military and government, on 26 January 1808, the New South Wales Corps marched from their barracks to Government House to overthrow the Governor, William Bligh – the only time a military coup has ever deposed an Australian Government. Irascible, autocratic Bligh had infuriated the ambitious and elite military by attempting to break the economic stranglehold they held over the fledgling colony. 'The Rum Rebellion', named for the rum trade that had made the Corps powerful, led to the rule of law in Australia, and eventually to its transition from penal colony to free settlement. #bligh #mutiny #rebellion #silver #coin #numismatics #australia #history #coup #military

75 7 3 weeks ago

ATTENTION QUEENSLAND! Our Bushrangers Roadshow Team will be enjoying some of that famous sunny Queensland weather in June, when they visit the following locations for the second stage of this year's Roadshow. Sunshine Coast Date: Thursday, 13 June. Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm Location: Sunshine Plaza (opposite Prouds) Bundaberg Date: Saturday 15 June. Time: 9.00am to 4.00pm Location: Stocklands Bundaberg (opposite Mystique Jewelers) Rockhampton Date: Monday 17 June. Time: 9.00am to 5.30pm Location: Stockland Rockhampton (opposite Dotti) Mackay Date: Wednesday 19 June Time: 9.00am to 5.30pm Location: Canelands Central (near Pandora) Townsville Date: Friday 21 June Time: 9.00am to 3.00pm Location: Flinders Street (Bulletin Square) #QLD #Queensland #Bushrangers #Roadshow #coin #numismatics #collecting #Mackay #Townsville #SunshineCoast #Bundaberg #Rocky #Rockhampton

195 11 3 weeks ago

You can bank on our Piggy Banks! Did you win a Piggy Bank in the Australia's Dollar Discovery competition? Well keep an eye out for the mail! We are currently sending out the piggy banks in batches to the winning entrants. The 5,000 second prize winners will receive an email from Australia Post advising them of tracking information. Enjoy your piggy banks prize winners! #piggy #bank #piggybank #saving #cents #dollars #dollardiscovery #numismatics #coins #collecting #noodling

230 10 4 weeks ago

The first of our Australia’s Dollar Discovery major prize winners visited the Mint yesterday to claim his prize. Joseph Whyte from Canberra spent the day behind the scenes at the Mint, immersing himself in all things coins and getting the full Minty experience! This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity included a private gallery tour and an all access tour of the Royal Australian Mint. Joseph followed the journey that each coin makes at the Mint, from initial concept and design right through to the striking of a coin. An incredibly lucky guy, Joseph also got the opportunity to strike his own 1 kilo pure silver coin to keep as a truly lasting memento of our Dollar Discovery program and his win! Only 1 of 8 in the world! Which part of this tour would have been your favourite? Perhaps it would be seeing one of the world’s strongest robots at work or getting the opportunity to meet with one of our highly skilled coin designers and learning the process and techniques that go into designing Australia’s currency coin designs?! Maybe you would have been itching to see the Mint’s secret vault or would striking your own coin have been the highlight of this tour for you? Share with us below what would be your favourite thing to see or do at the Royal Australian Mint! #win #silver #coin #dollardiscovery #mint #prize #jamala #VIP #numismatics #coincollecting

124 46 4 weeks ago

Everything is more fun with #FriendsMW! Follow us and comment below which friend you’d bring with you to the Mint for your chance toWIN a 2019 $1 Mintmark & Privy Mark Uncirculated Coin Set. Winner announced Monday, 20 May 2019. #MuseumsWeek

116 1 5 weeks ago

We have many unique ‘photo-ops’ for our visitors. Why not start at the coin dome in the foyer? Then grab a photo with the giant Mr Squiggle coin in the gallery. Finally, snap a #selfie with your newly minted coin from the visitor gallery press. #PhotoMW #MuseumsWeek

90 0 5 weeks ago

There are many ways to explore the Mint, with interactive touch screens, treasure hunts and guided public tours. We love to share our wonderful story with visitors as they explore our gallery and factory viewing platform on our public tours, which run every day of the week. #MuseumsWeek #ExploreMW

152 2 5 weeks ago

In our factory, each of the coloured drums signify a different denomination of coin, creating a truly colourful #RainbowMW 🌈scene, which you can experience from our viewing platform in the visitor gallery. #Museumweek #coins #drums

85 1 5 weeks ago

At the Royal Australian Mint, we love to explore our cultural heritage through craft, gallery exploration and story time, with our monthly children's program - Mini-Minties. #MuseumWeek #MW2019 #PlayMW

188 7 6 weeks ago

-- 50th Anniversary of the Dodecagon 50c Coin -- Introduced in 1969, the Dodecagonal 50c coin has borne 5 different effigies and more than 30 reverse designs; the latest design released in April commemorates the International Year of Indigenous Languages. In its first year more than 14 million 50 cent coins were produced bearing the Commonwealth Coat of Arms and in the years since over 1 billion coins have been released into circulation. Which design is your favourite? #50c #fiftycent #stuartdevlin #1969 #indigenouslanguages #allthecoins #numismatics #coin #collecting

189 0 6 weeks ago

Inspired by the 1919 Peace Medal – Triumph of Liberty & Justice, presented to Australian schoolchildren to mark the end of the First World War, this coin commemorates the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty set the terms for peace after the First World War. It also allowed Australia to take on a new role as an independent nation under international law. Available now, link in profile description. #Versailles #Treaty #Peace #Medal #Coin #Numismatic #Dove #WWI #FirstWorldWar #Silver #LeagueofNations #UN #UnitedNations

146 0 6 weeks ago

The Mint's new coin series 'Mutiny & Rebellion' acknowledges events and people from Australia’s tempestuous colonial era who blazed into mutiny and rebellion. The first release in this three coin series reflects upon the ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’. The second and third coins, available in June and August examine the ‘Rum Rebellion’ and the 'Eureka Stockade', all events that contributed to the eventual rule of law and an egalitarian democracy within Australia. One fateful day in 1789 a group of angry sailors mutinied aboard HMS Bounty, and Captain William Bligh and eighteen loyal crew members were forced into an overcrowded launch and set adrift on the ocean. Unknown to the mutineers on the HMS Bounty, this fateful moment would shape Australia’s colonial history. Available now, link in profile description.

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