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17 2 a day ago

A short time ago, I received word that Susan Saarinen, daughter of architect Eero Saarinen and granddaughter of Eliel Saarinen, has agreed to do an oral history interview with me for my book project on #athensoftheprairie. I'm ecstatic! Saarinen's insight on Columbus and her family's place in modern architectural history is going to be invaluable.

18 1 a day ago

What a way to open a book: "When I was twelve years old, my family stopped being rich. Gone overnight were the chauffeur, his wife, and the cook, the maid, the English governess, and the gardener. One of the two cars followed shortly thereafter, as did the villa in which we lived." So tragically, compellingly begins Peter Blake's rich memoir about architects, writers, artists, and designers in an age of optimism.

5 0 a day ago

I try to read more poetry in the summers, but this is only chapbook number two, I think: Charles Simic's Come Closer and Listen: New Poems.

9 1 a day ago

Because even architectural utopias have their dark underbellies: Paul J. Hoffman's Wicked Columbus, Indiana.

23 1 a week ago

Sort of a misleading cover page, but Jonathan Glancey's What's so great about the Eiffel Tower packs a nice punch of social, architectural, and design theory.

7 0 a week ago

Nikhil Anand, Akhil Gupta, and Hannah Appel's The Promise of Infrastructure.

13 1 a week ago

More architecture and urban anthropology research: David Watkin's Morality and Architecture, Greg Grandin's Fordlandia, and James Holston's The Modernist City.

14 1 2 weeks ago

Matthew Frederick's 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School.

12 2 2 weeks ago

Gloria Koenig's Eames.

6 1 2 weeks ago

Patricia M. Mote's Images of Columbus.

14 1 3 weeks ago

Spot reading through Neil Levine's The Urbanism of Frank Lloyd Wright, focusing on a few particular chapters (re: FLW's early suburban and domestic designs and his contrasts to Le Corbusier). It's a massive but beautiful tome, chalk full of architectural sketches and other design illustrations.

11 1 3 weeks ago

Now this is how to do #urbananthropology and do it well. Duly impressed and inspired by Gökçe Günel's ethnographic study of Masdar City in Abu Dhabi and recognize lots of names in the acknowledgements, including Web Keane and @tylerzoanni.

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