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🍃E mó tenimm pur e borraccelle💦 Special thanks to @giulsbud

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Beautiful things happen when local businesses lend their support to local causes. ⠀ ⠀ I was a fundraiser for 20 years before I started Upcountry Camp. I know how hard volunteers and staff work on silent auctions, charity walks, golf tournaments. You name it, we did it to raise money!! And relied heavily on local businesses to support our cause. ⠀ ⠀ Now that I am a small business, I feel bombarded with requests. Here is my advice to local charities seeking donations:⠀ ⠀ 1. Have a current client ask the business to support the event. It is very hard for me to say no to someone who recently booked a glamping event with me. ⠀ ⠀ 2. Send the request in writing, and follow up with a phone call. It’s easy to ignore a text or email, but it’s really hard to turn down an actual voice on the other end of the line. ⠀ ⠀ 3. Make sure your demographic matches the local business’. For example, My target audience is school age kids and their parents. ⠀ ⠀ 4. If you don’t actually shop at the local business or use their services, you can still be a raving fan on social media. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram; like their posts; comment when you can; and tag your friends!! ⠀ ⠀ What other advice would you give to local charities? Or to businesses?⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #shoplocal #supportnonprofits #supportlocalcauses #actlocally #goodthingsjxn #jacksonms #madisonms #ridgelandms #brandonms #silentauction #charityevent #fundraising #fundraisingideas

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Our first endorsement in NY Capital Region? ✔️ Congrats to Sam Fein who is running for Albany County Legislature! #ActLocally #VotersFirst

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🔥 ENDORSEMENT ALERT 🔥 We’re so proud to be endorsing @rochesterrachel for Monroe County Legislature! #VotersFirst #ActLocally

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We all have an impact on the Planet! We can all take the decision to act to make things better! Rethink your choices

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I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about that, then I realised I am somebody!

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Vandalised Viewpoint A microcosm of our Society today? We were greeted by a scarred scene. Cars had deliberately ripped up the grassed areas with one car abandoned. Evidence of drug taking and alcohol consumption all around. Discarded Single use plastic items made up most of our load. 1Water bottles 2 Cigarette Butts 3.Wipes.4 Polystyrene fast food containers 5 Paper cups 6 Plastic cutlery 7 Crisp packets.8.Carrier bags.All except No1 cannot be domestically recycled. To make up our Top List of offenders, add Plastic plant pots (black),Contact lenses and Feminine Care products. Can you think of others? Remember Plastic may breakup but it does not breakdown. It pollutes our lives for decades and more.

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First gun sale ☑️ ⁠ Chris Webb was our first gun sale last week at our grand opening! Come by and see us today 10-2!💥⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #dicksongunworks #DGW #putusinyoursights #buylocal #actlocally #sigsauer

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Air quality is N2O LAUGHING MATTER #actlocally

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“La più grande minaccia per il pianeta è credere che qualcun altro lo salverà”. ♻️⁣ ⁣ È vero, contrastare i danni del cambiamento climatico passa attraverso l’azione politica mondiale – come indirizzare la società verso l’uso di fonti energetiche rinnovabili, aumentare le tasse sui combustibili fossili, introdurre maggiori tassazioni sulle “food miles”. Tutto bello, tutto fattibile, ma tutto ancora troppo lontano. ⁣ ⁣ Ci sono aspetti della mitigazione climatica che coinvolgono però la sfera del nostro vivere quotidiano. Mentre aspettiamo che Stati Uniti, Europa, Cina ed India facciano pace con le loro emissioni, noi cosa facciamo? ⁣ ⁣ Non possiamo vivere l’emergenza climatica come una situazione a cui qualcun altro metterà fine. ⁣ ⁣ Chi crede che la nostra generazione inventerà un’arma tecnologicamente avanzata che permetterà di curare il riscaldamento globale, lasciandoci continuare a vivere nella nostra comodità fatta di automobili, viaggi di piacere in aereo, hamburger e carne di pollo e serie tv, è un pazzo. 🍔 ⁣ ⁣ Quanto tempo ci resta per fermare tutto questo? 15, 20 anni? Quanti mesi ed anni ci rimangano prima di toccare il punto di “non ritorno”?⁣ 🌎 ⁣ Ma soprattutto, quando ci chiederanno tra 20 anni cosa abbiamo fatto noi - noi tutti: io, te, quello dietro di te, il tuo vicino di casa, di banco, il tuo compagno di vita ed i tuoi colleghi - per prevenire o placare tutto questo, cosa risponderemo?⁣ ⁣ No, non ho smesso di prendere l’auto per andare a lavoro. ⁣ No, ho continuato a mangiare carne di allevamenti intensivi.⁣ No, non ho smesso di usare plastica usa e getta.⁣ No, ho continuato a mangiare fragole a novembre e altri alimenti fuori stagione. ⁣ No, non ho optato per l’energia pulita e proveniente da fonti rinnovabili.⁣ ⁣ No, non ho scelto di cambiare. ⁣

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For kids away at college (and others!)...Absentee ballot applications must be mailed by Tue Oct 29th. Download application at https://www.elections.ny.gov/votingabsentee.html and mail to: Monroe County Board of Elections 39 Main St. West Rochester, NY 14614 VOTE TOM FLAHERTY FOR WEBSTER TOWN SUPERVISOR! . #teamtom #actlocally #thinkglobally #electtomflaherty #websterny #2020visionforwebster

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Köszönjük @markmcmenemy tegnapi inspiráló előadásáat. Ígérjük, hogy a bolygónkért Han Solo-k igyekszünk lenni, ahogy kérte 🌎💪 😉 ▸▸▸ Kövessétek be és csatlakozzatok Márk bolygómentő akcióihoz: @patakmentok & #fakatnebanyatapilisbe Kovácsi Zsolt tanár úrnak a Kispesti Károlyi Mihály Magyar - Spanyol Tannyelvű Gimnáziumból pedig szintén köszönjük a szívhez szóló pár mondatot– így éri meg igazán 🤟 #ránkhatott #suschool #zöldaszínem #bolygómentőrulez #praktikák #actlocally #kezdemis

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DESDE NUESTRO LUGAR 🌿🌎 Consideramos que cada quien tiene un aporte para hacer al mundo. Desde nuestro lugar como institución, desde el rol de cada docente, desde la mirada de cada alumno y la enseñanza de cada madre o padre, reemos en una cultura constructiva en la que todos juegan un rol fundamental el desarrollo de los chicos. #ThinkGlobalActLocal . . #StCharlesCollege #ThinkGlobally #ActLocally #Excelencia #SanIsidro #Acassuso #Educación #Colegio #Futuro

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Come join us this Sunday 13 Oct, 14.30 - 17.30, at the @tolhuistuin to celebrate the element of #water in all of its forms on our beautiful #paradiseearth Li An Phoa, whole systems ecologist & @drinkablerivers founder will tell us about her work to raise awareness of the importance of #cleanwater in #rivers as an indicator of #healthyecosystems We’re also joining Li An to carry out a citizens survey of Amsterdam’s #IJ river, to learn how drinkable our local river is. Curious too? This event is in Dutch with English translation - language is no problem! Entrance €20, €15 (CJP, Stadspas, student), €65 passport for all 4 Paradise Elemental workshops To get your ticket, check the Tolhuistuin website : www.tolhuistuin.nl #paradiseelemental #actlocally #urbannature #greenlivinglab #tolhuistuin #amsterdam #debewogentuin

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Last call for lawn signs! There are only a few left...message below or email signs@electtomflaherty.com! . . Election Day is less than a month. If you’re going out of town, BE SURE to secure an absentee ballot!! . . #teamtom #actlocally #thinkglobally #electtomflaherty #websterny #2020visionforwebster

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こんにちは!ロワールでペットボトルフリーキャンパスに向けた新たなプロジェクトを始めます💁‍♀️次回の投稿をお楽しみに! Hey, guys!! We, PLASS, are gonna start the new project at Loire for plastic free campus🏃‍♀️☀️please join us!!! #plasticfree #plass #mybottle #sustainable #SDGs #ecofriendly #sokauniversity #thinkglobally #actlocally

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We just had to #repost this because it is so true! Our lives are integrally tied to the lives of trees, and the lives of all beings on this planet. Our mantra at #meltzlumber is and will always be "protect the forests of tomorrow with proper forest management today" - urging everyone to think along the same lines. . . . #ghentwoodproducts #properforestmanagement #motherearth #thinkoftheenvironment #thinkglobally #actlocally #weareallconnected

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Small businesses are the backbone of Webster. . As Town Supervisor, Tom is committed not only to support them personally by eating as many garbage plates as possible....but to ensure a robust, measured and strategic economic development of Webster! . With an updated Comprehensive Town Plan, Tom will commit resources and support to the businesses that keep Webster the incredible community it is! . . . #actlocally #thinkglobally #electtomflaherty #websterny #teamtom #2020visionforwebster

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This is one of the reasons Manchester is a goood place to be. @runremedy & @hartmusicuk are one of these fine musicians and fabulous hosts creating spaces for fellow musicians to come together and perform. This was yesterday at @takkmcr. How 💓-y. Thank you!! (And thanks to Luke Hart for the picture that I‘ve screenshot). ............. with @musicbyfleet @taytemplemusic @jamiehnry @emilymercermusic #supportyourlocalmusicscene #supportyourlocalmusicians #actlocally #whynot #singersongwriters #singersongwritersofinstagram #manchestermusicscene #manchestermusicians #manchestermusic #acoustakk #takkmcr #guitars #listening #listentoyourlocalartists #musiciscool #🦖

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Still time to get your lawn sign but there aren’t many left! Email signs@electtomflaherty.com with your name and address to have one delivered to your house. . . Disclaimer: we can’t guarantee the delivery persons will be quite as adorable as this duo, but we will do our best! . . #actlocally #thinkglobally #electtomflaherty #websterny #teamtom #2020visionforwebster

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Hay ladies!💋⁣ Remember that accessories can be swapped as well! 💞⁣ That pair of glasses you haven't worn in a year might become someone else's new favorite! 💫 reserve your spot at eatsipswap.com or purchase your ticket through Instagram 💖

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Hey! Tonight’s another chance “Meet the Candidates” at Knucklehead Brewery starting at 7PM! . . Get informed, enjoy awesome Webster community energy and incredible local beers! . . #2020visionforwebster #actlocally #thinkglobally #electtomflaherty #websterny #teamtom

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Proartso Colombia se enorgullece de ser parte de @salvatuselvaamazonas ; un festival dedicado a la conservación y diversidad del Amazonas, en donde se evidenció el talento colombiano a través de diferentes manifestaciones artísticas: música, escultura, pintura, circo, juegos y baile. Con la mejor energía de más de 7000 personas, Salva tu Selva marca un precedente en el que el arte, la cultura y el amor fueron el canal para alzar la voz por el cuidado del pulmón del mundo, que hoy está sufriendo las consecuencias del uso indiscriminado de la naturaleza. Los ecoladrillos fueron la entrada a este festival, para lo que también hubo sensibilización con la comunidad. Así mismo, se recolectaron 1.257 Kl de residuos que hoy no llegarán al río, en una limpieza en Isla Paraíso. Gracias a @habitatsuramazonas por soñar en grande con Salva tu Selva y a todos los que hicieron posible esta iniciativa y la participación de Proartso: A @kaputtclub y @bar.methodology que apoyó con su donación a nuestro equipo para lograr la realización. A @ecoworks_ nuestro gran aliado , a todos los voluntarios y la comunidad! ¡Juntos cuidamos la vida! #SalvaTuSelvaAmazonas #ThinkGlobally #ActLocally #Arte #3R #Reducir #Reciclar #Reutilizar

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Mint azt már megtudhattátok az előző posztból, @markmcmenemy otthona és szívügye is a #Pilis. Egy, a hegyekben lévő bánya újranyitásának hallatára akcióba lendült: kampányt indított, FB-oldalt hozott létre, így gyűjtötte a támogatókat. A projektet sikerre is vitte: a beruházó elállt egyelőre a bánya megnyitásától – ez volt Márk egyik bolygómentő praktikája. --- A Suschool-on mesél majd a projekt részleteiről is. Gyertek! 📅 2019. október 9., szerda, 17 óra 📍 AJTK Előadóterem, 1093 Budapest, Czuczor u. 4. 📝 A részvétel regisztrációhoz kötött ➝ Link a bioban #bolygómentő #praktika #szuperláma #szupererő #suschool #zöldaszínem #actlocally #sokkicsisokramegy #pilisprojekt

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#BeALeader #ElCapitan @elcapitanambassador teaches people how to lead in their lives. @deuce_elcapitan represents being a leader everyday. Do you see how @elcapitancartel impresses leadership through their brand? I'm weary of how I spend money. Customizing my toque means I can spend money elsewhere. Maybe I can donate to people who need food? Maybe I can contribute to a cause larger than myself? How would you choose to refocus your money? Do you help others? Maybe I can feed myself so I can get stronger. Am I selfish for putting my desires first? I want to be stronger for my job. I don't have another option to be paid more. This is a reality for many people. Do your best to generate wealth fairly. Are goods and services supporting the workers that make them? #ActLocally #ThinkGlobally

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All the autumnal feels today 🍂🌧🍂 . Let’s not complain about the never ending rain, but instead focus on replanting all those billions of trees 🌳 that once covered this land, to regulate the ecosystem and to benefit from these lush rains that we are so blessed to receive 🌧 🏔 🌧 💪🏽 What do’ya say? How is the rain affecting you? 💖 . #newperspective #foodforthought #internationalvegetarianday #globalmovement #actlocally . . (Pictured wild burgers form our last menu #wildfoodcafenealsyard ) ♥️ photo by @nicola_sharratt ♥️

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The Contemporary Design Market was a succes! #collectlocal #buylocal #thinkglobally #actlocally Tour & Taxis / Brussels / 28 - 29 September 2019 @BrusselsDesignSeptember, @FlandersDC , and @WallonieDesign are proud to present the launch of the @ContemporaryDesignMarket ! Powered by @ikkoopbelgisch.be #IkKoopBelgisch / #JAcheteBelge www.contemporarydesignmarket.be #contemporarydesignmarket #BrusselsDesignSeptember #FlandersDC #WallonieDesign #tourtaxis PR #maartenstatiusmuller

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Bolygómentő praktikáid címmel tartja a maga laza, közvetlen stílusával @markmcmenemy a következő Suschool előadását! 😎 Márk mindennapjait és munkáját a természet inspirálja, YouTube csatornájának is ezt a témát választotta. Négy éve indította el KertTV-t néven, és ma már 40 ezer feliratkozó követi. A csatornán osztja meg praktikáit, amelyeket saját pilisi otthona szépítéséhez használ. Keress rá a YouTube-on, és nézd meg, hogyan készítette el saját teraszát! Irigyeljük tőle a király kilátást! Tali Márkkal majdnem egy hét múlva a Suschool-on! 📅 2019. október 9., szerda, 17 óra 📍 AJTK Előadóterem, 1093 Budapest, Czuczor u. 4. 📝 Regisztrálj ➝ Link a bioban #bolygómentő #praktika #szuperláma #szupererő #suschool #zöldaszínem #actlocally #sokkicsisokramegy 🆒 Kövesd Márkot a social felületein: FB ▪️ mcmenemy.mark Insta ▪️markmcmenemy YouTube ▪️ kertteve

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Ismerd meg @markmcmenemy bolygómentő praktikáit a következő Suschool-on! 📅 2019. október 9., szerda, 17 óra 📍 AJTK Előadóterem, 1093 Budapest, Czuczor u. 4. 📝 A részvétel regisztrációhoz kötött ➝ Link a bioban ------- Márk tizenéve tévézik, műsorokat vezet, Youtube csatornát indított, humoros könyvet írt az apalétről, és még sorolhatnánk mennyi mindennel foglalkozik. Pörgős mindennapjai mellett talál energiát a környezetvédelemre is. Pontosan ezért jön el hozzátok is a SuSchool-ra, és mutat majd rá milyen praktikákkal tudtok ti is a jövőtökért tenni ;) #bolygómentő #praktika #szuperláma #szupererő #suschool #zöldaszínem #actlocally #sokkicsisokramegy

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IAAS. " International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences" 💚 IAAS. "Think Globally, Act Locally " @iaaslcunram . . . #iaas #iaasworld #iaasindonesia #iaaslcunram #zerohunger #zerowaste #thinkglobally #actlocally #thinkgloballyactlocally #cleanupbeach #unramstudent

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‪Tony Pucci, Executive Committee Member and Alli Woodard, Executive Director are in Binghamton today speaking at a fundraising event for Trailblazer @friendsofangelariley! Thanks for the invitation, we’re happy to be here. #ActLocally #FrontPorchPolitics 🔥

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It seems strange to think that I've been to Macedonia (now North Macedonia) since I was last in my home state of Michigan. Albania, Portugal, Montenegro, Spain and Kosovo as well. . To be honest, most of the time it feels so strange that I've been able to do and see all that I have. Fate doesn't always lead us down the path that seems most likely. Some of us have pushed against those boundaries, or walls, of a life we seemed fated to live without even the awareness of doing it. For others, it's a very real struggle to even think it's possible to see beyond what's in front of them, much less reach for any dreams. Those are the people I work with in my 'normal' life. The ones who hope, but struggle to get over that metaphorical wall thrown up by fate. They struggle to educate themselves. They struggle to reach a life that they know is out there, but are just unsure of what it'll take to reach it - even with all of the help offered. . So tomorrow night I'll button up, squeeze into a tie, and put on some shiny shoes. I'll mingle with a lot of folks I don't know, in a place that as a child I never dreamed I'd enter. Money will be raised for the very good cause of smashing down those barriers that fate has constructed to keep some families down. . I feel so fortunate to be where I am in this life, but more importantly, I feel so fortunate to have a hand in helping others find their way to something better - fate be damned. . A week later, I'll be back in Michigan for a couple/three days. Where I began... . At least for a little while. . By the way, the house at the top in this photo was home for a few days. A cuter, more interesting and comfortable little traditionally Mavrovoian house, I couldn't have found. . #jance #macedonia #roadtrip #lifetrip #dreamscancometrue even for a #travelingfool #hopes #helpwhereyoucan #actlocally

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Morning with my mains on radio 87.5 @breakfastclub87.5 my cousin @ronna_s_lee and my fav best @mz_tutu we had a long night last night but still manage to get in early for your morning show. Love you both 🇼🇸👌❤️ #thinkglobally #actlocally #motivation

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This just in...lawn signs and #teamtom shirts are out! . . Want a sign in your yard...it comes with a free shirt! Email signs@electtomflaherty.com! . . Want a limited edition #teamtom shirt..they are only $20. Stay tuned on when/where you can pick up yours! . . #actlocally #thinkglobally #electtomflaherty #websterny #teamtom #2020visionforwebster

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Last nights climate rally! 🌎 Met some really great people doing some really amazing things to help save Mother Earth 🌳 #educate . . I wasn’t sure how many people to expect. Naturally I hoped for a big turn out but reminded myself it’s ok to start small. Even if you reach one person you’re making a difference... plus my husband told me he was proud of me no matter how many people showed up! 💚 Thanks babe. . . #climatestrike #climateweek #listentothepeople #renewthefuture #climatechangerally #actlocally

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Greta Thunberg: “People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing, We are in the beginning of a mass extinction, and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you?” The voices of the young prophets are calling. Don’t wait for the sun to set. Fellow creatures depend on us. Nature’s buds and bouquets are fertile and actively participating in life’s cycle. Get off the sidelines. Act now! #greta #thunberg #gogirl #earthfirst #naturelovers #ecowarriors #incognito #palominos #thinkglobally #actlocally #alltogether #ahorita #💚

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This quote resonated with me when I visited the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum last month. Sometimes making your country better means making your little place in it better. Volunteer, donate, clean up a park, VOTE, there are so many little things we can do make things better in our own communities. Thank you for coming to my TED talk. . . . . . #community #communityservice #actlocally #yourtown #changetheworld #GrandRapids #presidentialmuseum #experiencegrandrapids

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If you're a bird lover, it's likely that your heart is breaking right now. A recent study authored by Cornell Lab of Ornithology's senior scientist, Ken Rosenberg, has confirmed what we casual observers have sensed for some time; our North American Bird population is in dramatic decline. Since 1970, we have lost 2.9 million birds, which is the same as one in four birds disappearing. We are going to spend this week talking about what we can do to help reverse this trend, as well as some of the factors behind this decline (hint, they all have to do with humans). By staying educated and focused we believe we can do our part to reverse this trend, and we'll be sure to share some inspiring stories about bird conservation as well. Stay tuned, and as always, thanks for your support! Photo by John Comisky, our board president. #canaryinthemine #ornithology #birdrescue #allhandsondeck #conservation #ecology #napawildlife #actlocally #thinkglobally

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In case you didn’t know, it’s #nationalvoterregistrationday! At Trailblazers PAC we work with candidates of any party who put voters first— because without voters like you, we can’t have clean, honest government. Not sure if you’re registered? Go to nationalvoter registrationday.org to check out how to get registered or check your voter registration status! #ActLocally #FrontPorchPolitics

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위챗으로 알려져있는 #Tencent 전세계 11억명 유저를 보유하고 있는 SNS 플랫폼 비즈니스 기업 정도로만 알고 있었는데 정말 다양한 영역에서 사업을 추진하고 있었다. 어제 방문했던 전기차/배터리 기업 BYD에서도 느꼈던 중국인들의 자신감과 중화주의 뿐만 아니라 기업가 정신, 스타트업 마인드를 이곳 션전 곳곳에서 발견하게 된다. 중국 올 때마다 느끼는거지만 그들과 어떻게 함께 살아가야할 것인지 국가 차원, 기업 차원 그리고 개인 차원에서 진지하게 생각해보고 나부터 행동에 옮겨야겠다. _ #인생여행자 #진지진지 #ThinkGlobally #ActLocally #Tencent #BAT

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September 21, 2019 is World Cleanup Day. On this day, Lha students, volunteers and staff and Clean Upper Dharamshala team carried out a cleanup drive around Bhagsu road forest area. A part of forest has become an illegal dumpsite which we have cleared up today. This is part of monthly cleanup program we carry out. Thank you everyone for joining us and we look forward to your participation in the future too! #actlocally #thinkglobally #communitycleanupdrive

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New research suggests that the overall bird population in North America has dropped by a staggering 3 billion birds (billion with a B) in less than 50 years (~30%). Another environmental crossroads; another opportunity. Find out more @ standingrush.org #standforwetlandwildlife #standforthebirds #standingrush #standforsomethinggreat #actlocally #dailydecisions #3billionbirds

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Action required! Waste to energy plants sound like a great way of responding to our current waste crisis. Unfortunately they: - emit harmful toxins - create byproduct that ends up in landfill - ENCOURAGE waste production - undermine responsible recycling initiatives A proposal has been submitted to build a plant about 5 mins from where I live. This will compromise the health and wellbeing of local residents, the wider community and eco systems in the area. Please consider accessing the proposal online and writing a comment in opposition. For those who have been flinging abuse in my DMs... I understand that places like Singapore have efficient facilities. However, this local one will be a private for-profit initiative without the mega $$$ to ensure the safety of locals ✌ #actlocally #responsiblerecycling #sustainableaction #dosomething #speakup #lesswaste #zerowaste #thefutureisgreen #greenerliving #sustainableliving #amateurgreenie

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This weekend we took part in the annual state-wide Beach Sweep sponsored by the S.C. Sea Grant Consortium. As is our tradition, we participated in the local efforts overseen by the IOP Exchange Club. It was great seeing USL alum Clayton Johnson's family: his mom Stacey Streetman-Johnson is the local Beach Sweep organizer! Thanks to all of the members of our community who participated in this important activity. It was a nice day, and it was fun to spend the morning together helping to clean the beach for wildlife and for the public to enjoy. #beachsweep #iopexchangeclub #tradition #actlocally #protectourbeaches #mtpleasantsc #isleofpalmsbeach

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Much gratitude to our #yale volunteers! Long Wharf is cleaner, but the problem persists upstream. Seen here with our hammerhead shark sculpture from @GeoChallenge #actlocally #internationalcoastalcleanup #yale #plasticpollution @cfe.savethesound @yale @yaleenvironment360 @yaleactualweeklynews

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Its #worldrhinoday 2019 🦏 Today, all rhino species in the world are placed within the vulnerable to critically endangered category of endangered species. The rhino horn trade traces back in time to many individuals using it for medicinal use or made into an array of items like belt buckles and cups. - Although many believed it to be the cure to many illnesses, further studies done in the states have found it to be a structure similar to the hoof of a horse, a turtle’s beak, or a cockatoo’s bill. All made out of #keratin Supporting organizations like @sandiegozoo @sdzsafaripark @globalconservationforce you can find the many ways that we can become involved in conservation by thinking globally and acting locally to save such a unique wonder of our natural world 🌍🐾🦏 ——————————————— #worldrhinoday #keeprhinoshorny #whiterhino #blackrhino #indianrhino #javanrhino #sumatranrhino #globalconservation #thinkglobally #actlocally #sandiegozooglobal

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🎊♻️🗑️¡Lo hemos logrado!🗑️♻️🎉 En el Día Mundial de la Limpieza, más de 250 personas hemos salido a la calle para recoger la basura de otras personas. Han sido 2.538kg + 36 neumáticos💚🌍🎉 Con la participación de 20 coordinador@s entre vecinos de Tres Cantos y miembros de entidades, para organizar y crear conciencia en nuestra sociedad. Gracias: Alba, Ana G., Ana P., Andrea, Ángel, Belén, Carol, Cris, Elisenda, Juan, Manuel, Marina, Marta, Pablo, Patricia, Pepe, Rocío, Sara, Sergio y Timorato💚🎉🌏 Arba, Asociación Juvenil de Tres Cantos, Asociación de Vecinos de Tres Cantos, Ayuntamiento de Tres Cantos, Batucada Batucán, Club Tres Canoas, Esencia Radio, Grupo Lactalis, Grupo Scout Indianas 521, Jorge Martínez Vera, Let's do It Spain, PROARTSO, Produktions, Vicus 3c y Youth for Understunding (YFU). #WorldCleanupDay #emergenciaclimatica #ThinkGlobally #ActLocally #loestamoshaciendo #thereisnotplanetb #trescantos

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Two of our e-board members and 3 of our general members spent their Saturday morning volunteering at the Shower of Hope! Today, our volunteers distributed hygiene products & cleaned showers for guests experiencing homelessness. Moreover, they helped distribute lunch at the kitchen :) We can’t wait for all of our members to enjoy this humbling experience to serve our local community❗️ #hope #ShowerofHope #actlocally

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Sì vero LORO dovrebbero pulire di più. Ma NOI impegniamoci a sporcare di meno. Coinvolgimento e tante belle emozioni. Il volontariato fa prima di tutto bene a noi. Abbiamo iniziato in 20 e finito in 100. Yes it is true THEY should clean it up. But WE commit ourselves to soil less. Involvement and many beautiful emotions. Volunteering is good for us first and foremost. We started in 20 and finished in 100. #amicidivillalais #writermonkey #biokkappa #puliamoilmondo #cleanuptheworld #prayforamazonia #facciolamiaparte #volontariato #volontari #green #actlocally #roma #volunteering #villalais

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Think globally, act locally. Earth Action Week is coming and schools like @oakhouseschool have implemented @familiesforfuture.bcn’s proposed daily micro-actions. Share and support to raise awareness about climate change. Are you with us? 🤫Keep a minute of silence for the earth: when something serious happens around us, we get together to express our sadness, anger, pain... let’s all unite to keep a minute of silence for the earth. 📽Screen a climate-related film: it’s vital to know what’s going on in regards to climate change. What better way to do that than to watch a documentary that teaches us about the state of our planet? 📝Make signs and posters for our planet: through the activities carried out this week, students are encouraged to capture their ideas, complaints, proposals... 📸Wear a green shirt to school and take a photo with your sign: demand that your words are heard and help raise awareness by sharing them on social media. #fridaysforfuture #kidsforfuture #teachersforfuture #thinkglobally #actlocally #globalemergency #climatejustice #climatestrike #togetherwecan

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Attended the #ClimateStrike march in #Boston today. An incredibly important issue to all humans!! Wonderful to see all the students out protesting for their future on earth. #ActLocally #Vote #YouWillBeAffected #SaveBees #PlantTrees #divest #renewableEnergy #solarpower #resist #nationalparks #stateparks #climatechange #teenage @earthguardians @gretathunberg

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🌍¿Eres el héroe que necesita el medio ambiente?💪 Te esperamos mañana en el Recinto Ferial de Tres Cantos (Madrid) para celebrar la mayor limpieza de entornos naturales del Planeta. #WorldCleanupDay #loestamoshaciendo #emergenciaclimatica #thereisnotplanetb #ActLocally #ThinkGlobally

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At Wild Wisco Waters we know how important our natural resources are and the impacts that climate change has on them. Together we can make a difference by calling for #climateactionnow from our government, society and global leaders. We want future generations to paddle the beautiful Wisconsin river and enjoy its bounty. Who’s with us?! #climatestrike #bethechange #thinkglobally #actlocally #protectthetrees #savethebees #cleantheseas

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