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L O V E D having this hilarious woman & the slurpee cup she was sippin on this week’s #PRIDE episode of @firstofallpod! So glad I got to sit down with my girl @shrrycola to talk about self-discovery, representation & our deep love for Fresh Prince & MTV Jams. Sherry shares her journey in comedy, her coming out story, her experience playing Alice, a queer Chinese American young woman on @goodtrouble, & is basically just a beam of light & laughter y’all. We both hope that for anyone out there feeling invisible or scared to be themselves knows that it will get better & we both have your back. So much love to our #LGBTQIA family out there! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #linkinbio #podcast #fam #asianamerican

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To all the Ahma and Alan supporters living in the Bay Area: Ahma and Alan is in today's issue of the #星島日報 #Singtao USA Newspaper! Grab your copy at any Bay area Asian super market. Hashtag #ahmaandalan and mention @ahmaandalan when you get your copy! ⠀ ⠀ 住舊金山灣區嗎?我們阿嬤與阿倫短片今天上「星島日報」!快去你附近的亞洲超市場買一份! 拿到了的時候寫 #阿嬤與阿倫 及 用 @ahmaandalan 通知我 =)。⠀ ⠀ Article link: https://buff.ly/2IqJDtX

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To all the Ahma and Alan supporters living in the Bay Area: Ahma and Alan is in today's issue of the #星島日報 #Singtao USA Newspaper! Grab your copy at any Bay area Asian super market. Hashtag #ahmaandalan and mention @ahmaandalan when you get your copy! ⠀ ⠀ 住舊金山灣區嗎?我們阿嬤與阿倫短片今天上「星島日報」!快去你附近的亞洲超市場買一份! 拿到了的時候寫 #阿嬤與阿倫 及 用 @ahmaandalan 通知我 =)。⠀ ⠀ Article link: https://buff.ly/2IqJDtX

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Congratulations to 2019 #Outstanding50 Awardee Teresa Yoo, Vice President, Brand Strategy & Experience Design at @IBM #AABDC #RecognizingAsianAmericans Terry Yoo is Vice President of Brand Strategy and Experience Design at IBM. She and her team are responsible for stewarding the IBM brand—one of the most valuable in the world—as well as the company’s major category brands, such as IBM Watson, IBM Cloud, and IBM Services. Since assuming this responsibility in 2013, Terry has built a multidisciplinary team of designers, brand strategists, and agency partners. Together they established IBM’s first comprehensive brand architecture. It defines and guides how the character of the IBM master brand and category brands are expressed through visual and graphic identity, naming, advertising, content, digital channels, events, and experiences. Recently, her team has led work to develop a unifying IBM design philosophy and language that spans marketing, digital, and product experiences. Before assuming her current role, Terry played leadership roles in IBM’s Centennial in 2011, development of the IBM annual shareholder and corporate responsibility reports and in strategic communications programs. For more about Outstanding 50 Awards Gala, see: https://outstanding50award.com #AsianAmerican #AwardGala #NYC #Outstanding50Award #AsianAmericansinNYC #DiversityandInclusion

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Brb! Getting ready for my @magicmikelive audition 💪🏼🤷🏻‍♂️💪🏼

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Y'ALL. FAST FASHION IS WRECKING THE WORLD. 😤⁣ ⁣ If you want to get involved but are confused about how to start, join me for @slowfashionseason! It's a simple challenge in which 10,000+ people forgo clothing purchases for the next three months.⁣ ⁣ For more tips and tricks on adopting a more sustainable wardrobe, check out my new blog post (link in bio)!⁣ ⁣ #thriftedoutfit#LittleWhiteDress, @goodwill

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Performing this Saturday for my first time at #Filfest alongside @ashleymcortes. Free admission! Info in bio. See you there.

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I LOVE MY BABY SISTER!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Swipe for some of the greatest hits from our family trip.

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💦🍍more #saam antics🍍💦 。 。。 。。。 。。 。 #happy #🍍#smithsonian #smithsonianamericanartmuseum #art #asianamerican #artmuseum #arthistory

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“My first goal with the children’s book is to promote themes of diversity and inclusion. The title ‘You Are Invited!’ is a protest to the way the current administration has handled immigration policies,” Chang says. . Thanks @nextshark for the feature! Check out the rest of the article with link here. https://nextshark.com/angel-halo-chang-you-are-invited-dreamers/ . Did you preorder your copy yet? Click link in bio or visit angelhalochang.com to check out my #Kickstarter before time runs out!

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Stoked to announce that I am now represented across the board (TV, Film, Commercial, VO) by @thehappenagency - Very excited for growth and opportunities for the rest of 2019! . . . . #diversity #inclusion #diversityandinclusion #theatre #LAthtr #asianactor #filipinoactor #actorslife #actorsofinstagram #filipino #pinoy #filam #asianamerican #poc #musicaltheatre #asiansonstage #representationmatters #workingactor

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Maybe she’s born with it... maybe it’s an Instagram filter... ❓🤔 #tuesdaythoughts #junegloom #sometimesitakeselfies @dpken 😹

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I LOVE YOU SO MOCHI: 7.8/10 (Lol I’m so bad at giving ratings because my mood constantly changes which impacts the way I view the book) V brief overview: I Love You So Mochi is a coming of age story about Japanese American girl Kimiko (Kimi). She wants to share her mother’s love and passion for painting, that’s what her entire life is meant to be based on. However, when she has a realization that she may not be able to be like her mom, she takes a trip to Japan. In japan she hopes to find inspiration and a life plan however, in the end she also found love. My thoughts: this book was really bubbly. Every book has a different vibe and this one was exuberantly happy. Looking back I find the tone a bit odd because Kimi was going through a very hard time in her adolescent life. That is why it is hard to rate books, every book has a different vibe and feel. I really liked the story and the book but the emotions seemed a bit monotone. Don’t get me wrong, it was a really fun read and the teenage dialogue was pretty relatable but it seemed a bit try hard. I am in no way trying to bash this book because I LOVED IT, the romance part was very cute and the familial relationships were everything. I would especially recommend this book to fellow Asian Americans because they would definitely be able to relate :) #bookstagram #YA #iloveyousomochi #read #newteenfiction #asianamerican

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It’s difficult for me to continue the work I’m doing if I don’t understand the why. It’s hard to blindly spend hours on something, and then for what? Money can buy temporary happiness, but it doesn’t fulfill. I’ve always had to attach a higher meaning to the work I do, and since transitioning out of news I’ve had to do some real soul searching to explore my new why. I’m still exploring, but recently, these reminders have rang true. It’s starting to become more clear of where my passion lies —> being an advocate for people, causes I believe in and using the voice I’ve honed through the years to drive it. Stay tuned as I share what this means for you.

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Are you in the U.S. Southern states including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia? _ Do you work for a community-based organization (CBO) serving Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders? _ Then come check out @APIAHF’s 9-month Accelerator Lab. This lab will enhance your leadership skills, building your capacity in full scope of policy/advocacy and strategic communications on issues of health and health equity. _ For more information check out: bit.ly/APIAHFAcceLab LINK IN BIO! _ #ACCELab2 #Health #HealthEquity #Advocacy #StrategicCommunications #AsianAmerican #NativeHawaiian #PacificIslander #ALA #AR #FL #GA #KY #LA #MS #NC #OK #SC #TN #TX #VA #WVA

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Did you listen to episode 7 yet? Get all caught up on mental health before we dive into personalities for our next episode 🧐

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Hello. Trump administration’s plans to detain undocumented kids at Fort Sill is fucking horrible. I spoke to Japanese American groups about the facility’s dark history. Some important things to note: Fort Sill was used as a prison camp for members of the Chiricahua Apache tribe, who were forcibly removed and exiled from their lands in the Southwest in the late 1800s. . When it was an incarceration camp for Japanese Americans, one prisoner, Kanesaburo Oshima, had a mental breakdown. He attempted to escape the prison and was shot dead by armed guards. . “Fort Sill is the site of multiple historical traumas, and this latest plan to incarcerate migrant children at this site is part of a much larger system of white supremacist violence.” Tom Ikeda, executive director of Densho. . Check out the link in my stories. . . . . . . . . . . #aapi #asianamerican #japaneseamerican #trumpadministration #aapihistory #wwii #fortsill #politics

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#DidYouKnowThat the human body is 60% water? There's also a small percentage of salt in us all. — I like to think that this means we are all children of the ocean, made of sinews and seawater and saline. I like to think that when I miss the ocean, the ocean misses me, too.

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Today in the home recording studio... A brand new PLB cover song in the woodworks! A cover of wrestler Chris Jericho’s theme song from WCW back in the late 90’s! Pardon my thick Asian accent on lead vocals! #Y2J #AEW #WWE #UndisputedChampion #Wrestling #WrestlingCovers #PatrickLewBand #MadelineLew #AsianAmerican #ayatollahofrocknrolla #RockNRoll #japaneseidol #NJPW #JimJohnston #CoverSongs #Musician #HomeRecording #MondayNightJericho 😊🤪🎸🏆🎧💕🎌

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Thank you to @comedycures it was an honor to be in the audience and seeing the joy and laughter on peoples faces. Both my parents had cancer so just humbled and grateful. Can’t express the amount of thanks for the opportunity to do a small bit to honor my mom too - my hero and the strongest person I know 🙏 link on bio if you want to learn more and support. #comedycures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #comedy #standup #broadwaycomedyclub #ny #nyc #comic #comedian #jokes #laugh #healing #cancer #mentalhealth #asianamerican #koreanamerican #gratitude #opportunity #love

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Who’s in for game night? ⁣ ⁣ I love spending my summer nights this way. Playing board games and hanging out with my favorite people.

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Actual footage of me and my insecurities. 🙆🏽‍♂️ Sometimes we aren’t even aware of the forces holding us back. ⛓ __________ 📷: @_amitdances #ComingOutGaysianAct1 #GrowingUpGaysian #ArsenalChoreo

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it started with an ocean. or perhaps it started with the faith of my ancestors. faith is belligerent and evades time zones so it does not have an exact origin. but my parents started in china and they packed their beginning, middle and end onto their backs and came to the united states. they added white and blue into their red lives, folded chopsticks into forks and knives, traded their mother tongue away for discounted english and waited at the feet of lady liberty. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀- immigrants • emdash (ft. my beautiful parents) x father’s day made me want to do something for my parents. maybe this sings to some of you too. lets not take our parents for granted! x #poetry #poemsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #poets #poet #poetsofinstagram #art #artistsoninstagram #poems #poem #womenofcolor #herheartpoetry #poetryofinstagram #love #poems #poeticjustice #asianamericanwriter #asianamericanpoet #asianamerican #wildflowerwarriors #text #textgram #poetrypod #dtoslive #asianpoet #asianpoetry #communityofpoets #poetsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #dazzedoutfeatures #doortooursouls

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@outeatmebro typically likes big dreams and big things, but he wants one specific thing to be tiny. Do you wish to shrink anything in your life? TAG your friends if they wanted one thing to be miniscule... . . . #SillyQuestions #random #TRP30Seconds #TheRelationshiPodcast #ExWhyMedia #iTunes #ApplePodcast #GooglePlay #YouTube #Podcast #Podcasting #AsianAmerican #Relationships #improv #collegelife #singlelife #moneymanagement #receipthoarder #mrmoneybags #flex #ballin #hypebeast #asianmoney

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Had a great time moderating the Q&A at the joint "American" and "Proof of Loyalty" screening with filmmakers and cast including George Takei. He and I had fun trading Japanese onomatopoeia words like "giri giri" and more! (Photo credit: Greg Doherty) . . . . . . . . . . #georgetakei #americanshort #proofofloyalty #documentary #shortfilm #indiefilm #independentfilm #reporter #reporterlife #reporterslife #japaneseamerican #japaneseamericannationalmuseum #actor #actorlife #japaneseexperience #japaneseamericanhistory #productionlife #indiefilmmaking #independentfilm #filmmaking #filmschool #startrek #filmfanatic #actor #actorlife #actress #actresslife #asianamerican #socialjustice #documentaryfilmmakers #documentaryfilm #hikarusulu #leonardonam

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ADD-ON REWARD ANNOUNCEMENT! When the FOR MOLLY @kickstarter hits 90% every backer at every level will get this sticker! It features one of the best FOR MOLLY panels from chapter one. Art by the incomparable @sketchsawyer. Support the campaign here http://kck.st/2XaBizv (link in my bio) and join the adventure! #comics #dogs #comicart #comicbook #comicbookwriter #indiecomics #art #artist #digitalart #newjersey #kickstarter #sticker #stickers #tuesday #corgi #finnishspitz #asianamerican #photoshop #comic #comicbookart #graphicnovel #makecomics #supportcomics #italianamerican #working #reading #writing

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We’ve OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! 🚀🥳🥂 And an official launch isn’t official until we present to you our OFFICIAL TRAILER VIDEO!!! Peep the podcast description! 👇🏽 • These two bet you’re tired of all the “creative entrepreneur, work/life balance,” type of podcasts. Shameless Dialogues is your break from all of that. Small business owners, Lanie and Terri team up as they put the humor in your work/life woos, and give you a real break from the daily grind of balancing it all. Think of them as your two favorite coworkers who always hook it up with the best lumpia and a side of chismis (aka gossip) that will make you sip on your tea. Tune in and hang out every other week as they air the dirty laundry of small business ownership, the struggles of growing up as Filipino-Americans, and all the crazy things our favorite celebrities get themselves into. • Venue: @youbelongheresd Photo/Videography: @studio.luniste Beats: @danwhizle MUA: @kp_mua Hair: @b_is_for_bri Wardrobe: @amazonfashion @zara @shopliv3

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Satica Interview on The Lunch Table 🎥 https://youtu.be/NRQx3DxfbTU

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Hot off the press! Happy to be part of this project putting the immigrant experience on the screen in a hilarious way #ASIANAMERICAN Link in bio.

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"I find my power by being myself and not giving a fuck." @nikdodani for @netflix new account, @prism, celebrating all things LGBTQ+ 🌈 Shot by @irrisrray #inspirasians

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Little #BTS action here. Here is what I learned about film making. It’s a freakin process FOR SURE. But I’m learning to be patient and persistent. Had a little trouble finding an editor but we found one guy but need to find some more. So to my editor friends. I’ll contact y’all soooooonsies 🤗 Fight choreography : team effort @jarminrunes @dannyyang92 @official_danieljoo And me 🙂 #Repost @jarminrunes with @get_repost ・・・ love sucker punching friends 🙃🙃

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Did you have to shed a part of your identity as you move through different cultures? Did you battle through similar culture identity crises? Read about Wendy's experience! . . . #asianpacificamericanheritagemonth #culture #identity #storytelling #blog #blogger #oneinabillion #chinapersonified #asianamerican #podcast

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I had the opportunity to visit the famed Field Museum of Natural History 🏛 in Chicago recently. It’s located right on Lake Michigan next to Shedd Aquarium and Adler Planetarium. It is one of the largest natural history museums in the world and boasts a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions that range from those on Egypt, China, and the Americas to those on prehistoric animals 🦖, biodiversity🦋🐝🦑🐙🦓🐋🌴🍃🌿, and the geological history of Earth 🌏. Pictured here is the entrance hall, which includes reconstructions of a pterosaur (to the left), a sauropod (large skeleton 🦕), and some elephants 🐘. It was very exciting, and I hope to visit again sometime soon! 😊 ________________________________________ . . . . #asianamerican #asiantraveler #asiantraveller #chicago #fieldmuseum #fieldmuseumchicago #naturalhistory #asianamerican #japaneseamerican #koreanamerican #hello_cities #chicagogrammers #chicagogrammer #日系 #シカゴ #シカゴ旅行 #travelldevill #travelpassport #travelpicoftheday #travelalways #travelsolo #travelcaptures #travelshots #traveladdict #voyagercestlavie #travelblogger #chicagoblogger #asianlifestyle

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Now playing: “Simmering” by Yay Area Rapper, Chow Mane 📶📶📶🔥🔥🔥 peep it on all platforms #hiphop #hoodrichasians

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Beautiful day to have lunch at #MoMoMee filled with meaningful conversations and genuine friendship. #TheLand216 #MKEFamily

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Heritage Pin book now available inside the studio! Currently available: Stickers, pins, Barrio Art Girl pins, original mini drawings, Patches, etc! On View: Heritage Phase 1 🏡OPEN STUDIO: Wed 4:30-8 Thurs 5-8 #art #painting #womeninart #theweightofmemories #barriologan #barrioartsdistrict #pin #pingame #buttonpin #pins #sdart #sdartist #colors #filipino #asianamerican

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Congratulations to 2019 #Outstanding50 Awardee John J. Xu, President of J&C International Group #AABDC #RecognizingAsianAmericans John J. Xu is President of J&C International Group and President of the American Ideal Real Estate Company, Hong Kong’s Hidelta Investment Company and the US Branch of the New Silk Road Enterprise Development Association. John is also the founder of USWINPAL a successful platform within the crowdfunding circuit. With more than ten years of experience John is a seasoned professional of Wall Street real estate investment and financing, with current ventures in capital operation, asset management, real estate investment. Experienced in PE equity investments, John takes a long-term focus on corporate mergers and acquisitions, foreign investment, private equity funds, strategic management, and risk control. He has also a keen market sense and a deep understanding of Sino-US culture and the investment environment. His network and resources in China and the US helped establish several successful investments in both Asia and North America and making outstanding contributions to the economic exchanges between China and the US. For more about Outstanding 50 Awards Gala, see: https://outstanding50award.com #AsianAmerican #AwardGala #NYC #Outstanding50Award #AsianAmericansinNYC #DiversityandInclusion

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Japanese-American singer-songwriter Mitski is taking a hiatus from music after five years of nonstop touring and performing. In her music, she covers themes of belonging, melancholy, and isolation. You won’t find her on social media anymore, but you can catch up on her inventive visuals on YouTube. What’s your favorite Mitski track? Comment below👇 📸: @baohngo

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Fast Fact - BEAUTY. 61% of Asian American women dye their hair - 2nd gen preferring to go bold with bright colors while recent immigrants lean towards natural shades. Admerasia is the nation’s first to conduct a set of comprehensive research studies that laser focus on the mentalities and behaviors of today’s Asian American beauty shopper. To learn more, visit our site and contact us! #admerasia #beauty #haircare #fastfact #marketresearch #asianamerican #consumer #consumerbehavior #multicultural #datadriven #businessinsight #beautytrends #cosmetics #makeup #hairlove #hairstyle #haircut #haircolor #beautycare #beautycommunity #BeautyOnDemand #businessmethodology #businessattitude #businesssavvy #multiculturalmarketing #opportunity #agency #inspire

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It's time to get acquainted with your cast! In honor of #pridemonth 🏳️‍🌈 we're featuring Chuefeng Yang as your first cast member. Chuefeng grew up on the North side of Milwaukee, WI in a large Hmong family. Being Hmong and gay in the Midwest is a challenge of its own. But like many other queer Hmong children, it has been especially hard coming out to his family. "I've come out to my father multiple times and each time it's just as scary." 🤦🏻‍♂️Despite the struggles of being accepted, Chuefeng has never wavered in confidence towards his identity and is proud of his culture, hometown, and orientation. To learn more about Chuefeng and other Midwestern Asian Americans, follow @aponapseries for more stories and updates on the docuseries. 🎥

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Posted up on my IG story, but wanted to bring the discussion to the comments This project started off with me asking the question of what other fields Pilipinx-Americans are present in. The importance of this question for me was to see representation in fields i'm passionate about I felt like that if i saw them in those fields, i would feel more comfortable pursuing what i love What are fields you want to see represented in a story/narrative format?

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What an amazing month! We’re deep in production mode, working hard behind the scenes getting FULL FRAME—our new podcast about Asian American trailblazers—ready to launch this September! . . Last week we sat down with New York-based stuntman and actor, Alex Huynh, who can be seen in action in the recently released, “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum.” . . Alex’s dynamic energy can be felt both on and off screen. We can’t wait to share his inspiring story with you! 💥💪 . . Stay tuned for final episode release date information. . . @kungfualex . . #asianamerican, #aapi, #vietnameseamerican #kungfualex #johnwick #parabellum #action #entertainment #movies #film #stunts #stuntperformers #stuntman

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Half a year flew by. Seemed like I did something every week / weekend. Still was able to create during my own time, but I am tired. Wow though, what a year it's already been. 🙏🏼 for a dope summer. Photo by @shy.ism @snappilots #SnapPilots #studio #photoshoot #portrait #portraiture #fashion #profoto #canon #zeiss #zeisscameralenses #sandiegophotographer #sdphotographer #sandiegophotography #teal #lao #laos #laoamerican #asianamerican #summer

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It's here! Self Evident Episode 3: Gabe Spills His Guts. All joking aside, my journey to tell this story has taken me far and wide and all credit goes to James Boo and everyone at @selfevidentshow. It's been a lifechanging experience and I couldn't be prouder. 🌞🇵🇭⭐️🇺🇸🎉 We Asian Americans need to step up and speak out and tell our stories. We want to be heard and turns out, many are willing to listen. Check out Self Evident: Asian America's Stories on @stitcherpodcasts, @spotify, on the Self Evident website, or anywhere you listen to podcasts! 🇵🇭📻🎙🎚🎛🇺🇸 #weareselfevident #selfevident #asianamerican #heritage #culture #asia #philippines #filipino #filam #filipino #podcast #podcasts #podcasting

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“I’m not saying they look graceful when they scrub, but I’m saying they look graceful.”

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Like art? How about culture? Then you’ll love Tribeca Art + Culture Night! 🎨 Join us for this downtown arts festival ✨Thursday, June 20, from 6 to 9 p.m.✨ 200 artists and 25 venues will be participating, including us! Come by and see #StarringJohnCho: The Call for an Asian American Lead, a multimedia exhibition in which screenwriter and activist @its_willyu uses technology like artificial intelligence to create a world that challenges Hollywood stereotypes and the idea of a what “typical” leading man or woman looks like. The event is free but don’t forget to RSVP at @tribecaartnight. * * * #asianamerican #api #azn #art #artexhibition #movieposters #johncho #representationmatters

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Pickups for the Spam short. Beauty shots of a jar of kimchi. Happy Tuesday! #filmmaking #sony #fs5 #korean #food #asianamerican

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So I went shooting for the first time yesterday ✨💖 it was so much fun. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #arizona #florencearizona #az #santanvalley #shooting #gun #semiautomatic #video #asianamerican #asian #american #chinese #chineseamerican #chineseamericans #somuchfunn #iphone #iphone7plus #iphone7 #iphone7pluscamera

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Happy Tuesday! . . I’m at work today wishing I was running around outside instead of running out of dollars. Gotta get some $$ somehow tho for my creative endeavors! . . What is your day job?? I’d love to know!

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Congratulations to 2019 #Outstanding50 Awardee Sowmya Vishwanathan, Chief Medical Officer at Tenet Health Care #AABDC #RecognizingAsianAmericans As Chief Medical Officer, Sowmya Vishwanathan leads Tenet Health’s seven hospitals and oversees all clinical quality and program development and has strategic and fiduciary responsibilities for the hospitals’ performance. Sowmya has over 15 years of experience as Regional Chief Medical Officer, Chief ACO Officer, Physician-in-Chief, and Physician Quality Officer, and working with large regional health systems. She has led organizations through strategic growth and expansion. Board certified in Internal Medicine with extensive experience in progressive health care management, Sowmya understands the business of medicine and is committed to redesigning the care delivery model across the entire continuum of care. Sowmya is also an Instructor and Program Director at Harvard T.H.Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University. Working with two colleagues, she is teeing up a Global Custom Program on value-based care and population health. Recently, Sowmya was the Chief ACO Officer at Dartmouth Hitchcock Health and led efforts towards system transformation of integrated clinical delivery system for over 1,400 providers. For more about Outstanding 50 Awards Gala, see: https://outstanding50award.com #AsianAmerican #AwardGala #NYC #Outstanding50Award #AsianAmericansinNYC #DiversityandInclusion

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Crazy Rich Asians changed hollywood forever and created more accurate asian representation and diversity #asian #asianamerican #crazyrichasians #raiseawarness photo credit- buzzfeed

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The new @disneychannel animated series “Amphibia,” features a lead character, Anne Boonchuy a Thai American teenager (voiced by @brendasong who is of Thai-Hmong descent) who finds herself transported to a mystical land populated by anthropomorphic amphibians. The humid, lush world of Amphibia is inspired by the show's creator @radrappy who is half Thai and spent childhood summers in Bangkok. Thai food also plays a major part in the show as Anne opens Amphibia's first Thai fusion restaurant. Watch it on the Disney Channel and @disneynow . . . #aanow #aapi #asianamerican #thaiamerican #thaifood #amphibia #disney #disneychannel #brendasong

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Welcome to AWARE! A platform to highlight and celebrate all Asian women from all different professions. This platform started because let’s face it, Asian women are on the rise and we need to see more of it. Growing up, it’s been a struggle find women who look like us that are in a position that we perhaps aspire to be in one day. We may lack an Asian woman that we can connect with that has already walked the path that we hope to walk one day. This platform hopes to be just that. To celebrate the Asian women role model that have already made it and connect you to them. To hear a little bit about their stories and how they got to where they are today. It’s time to be AWARE, that Asian women are badasses.

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Photo from my grandfather’s album marked, “Sebastopol, 1940”. I’m not sure on who they are, or where exactly this was taken - though I assume somewhere around Sonoma County. If anyone recognizes anyone in the photo please let me know. I made this page to share a trove of old family photos, most of them depicting everyday Japanese-American life before internment. I believe many of the photos were taken by my grandfather. Some of the people in them are his family, while many I do not recognize and assume were his friends. I’m hoping people may recognize their grandparents or relatives in some of these photos and can help me ID some of the faces.

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“breakfast at tiffany’s” is a critically acclaimed movie released in 1959. This movie created a term called yellow face, something new in mainstream media at the time. Mr. Yunioshi, was meant to be a japanese man in the movie but was played by a white man. His features were altered to look “more asian” and this issue is not highly talked about. raise awareness, change hollywood #asian #asianamerican #hollywood #hollywoodmedia #breakfastattiffanys #mryunioshi #raiseawarness photo credit- breakfast at tiffany’s

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- @mitchisdizzy & MUA @abbywrenartistry - apartment hunting is the definition of S T R E S S F U L but we out here trying to do adult things.

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A dragon lady drinking her cold coffee in half nude at a public bath. ♨️

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🍧I scream, you scream - we all scream LET ME BE ME! ⁣ ⁣ Before I went to @queersoupnight, I was so anxious! I kept asking myself do I look queer enough? Am I queer enough? I told myself to go anyways (followed through by volunteering) and reminded myself that this experience is for me, no one else.⁣ ⁣ ✨I went and felt a tad closer to finding community. But when I woke up this morning, again that unsettling feeling arose. The question of “Am I queer enough?” A lot of this insecurity arises from identifying myself as bi. It can be much easier to think in opposites rather than seeing nuance from (right/wrong, straight/gay, freelance/full time creative/not creative) and assign good/bad meaning to these labels depending on what side you’re standing. ⁣ ⁣ ✨So this morning, I picked up my “Queer: A Graphic History” book again and there it was - in the very last pages. ‘Queering is about doing NOT being.’ Queering is taking expectations of ourselves and subverting them each and every day. And HELL YEAH I think we all could benefit from queering our lives. ⁣ ⁣ ✨Everyday I’m challenging myself and embracing how unique myself/ my life/career/business can be. Heck yeah, it’s scary. Some days it feels easier to be someone else. But I think the journey to challenge and to queer what is expected of you is worthwhile - don’t you?⁣ ⁣ 💖Love you all and let’s be wildly us.⁣ ⁣ styling & photography by @tiffuneemart⁣ ⁣ #playwithyourfood #coachingforcreatives #asianamerican coach #asianamericancreative #queeragraphichistory #queercreative #queerasianamerican

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