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23 4 an hour ago

Living is not any easier in the summertime. I’ve been bamboozled. ALSO! Last 100 day challenge post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100/#100daysofillustratedthoughts

49 2 a day ago

Sometimes it’s all you can do! 98/#100daysofillustratedthoughts

56 3 3 days ago

When you lie to me it’s in the smallll stuff. 96/ #100daysofillustratedthoughts

61 3 4 days ago

Stop interrupting my grinding, I ain’t thinking bout youu🍋🍋🍋🍋this sweet watermelon girl started out in my journals🍉 little reminder to start where you are and build from there! 95/ #100daysofillustratedthoughts

63 4 5 days ago

Si no me quieren, ni modo 🤷🏽‍♀️ 94/ #100daysofillustratedthoughts

50 1 a week ago

Bby steps, ya know. 93/ #100daysofillustratedthoughts

74 6 a week ago

One of my super powers is making up elaborate scenarios in my head that convince me that everyone hates me 🙃it’s super healthy and makes me feel extremely well-adjusted. 90/#100daysofillustratedthoughts

75 7 a week ago

It has taken me 28 years to stop hating my body. It takes conscious effort to stop feeling guilty about food or talking negatively about how I look, or wanting to be back at a weight I was when I was 18 or 20. Social media can be incredibly toxic, but if you find your niche there are some people on here doing amazing work around body positivity. It’s obviously hard to change years of learned behavior but with intent, all those negative thoughts I’ve always had about food and gaining weight have slowly become quieter. The way you talk to yourself starts changing the way you think about yourself. When I do start to complain about my fat arms or having a double chin in a picture, I acknowledge that feeling for a second and a half and then move on. Being comfortable and (mostly) happy in my body is something I’m working at every day. But I no longer hate my body, and for me, that’s already progress. Sorry for the long caption. 89/ #100daysofillustratedthoughts

82 4 2 weeks ago

Self proclaimed tomato queen 🍅 Welcome back @joephotograph now I can tag ya bc it would have been stupid to tag your ghost handle before. 87/ #100daysofillustratedthoughts

50 4 2 weeks ago

Hint: there’s more than 5....86/ #100daysofillustratedthoughts

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