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Удивительные красоты Исландии💙

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Funny story: While my mom was taking my pictures, I saw these Israeli tween girls pass by. They were looking at me while smiling and giggling—making me feel awkward. They approached my dad and asked him if we were Japanese tourists. Of course, my dad said that we’re from the Philippines. My mom mouthed to me that they kept looking at me. Having already witnessed something like this happen to me in Turkey, my mom took initiative and asked the girls if they wanted a picture with me. They all said “YES!” in unison—becoming very giddy and started giggling uncontrollably. They took out their phones and started to take selfies with me. I asked them if I could have a picture with them using my camera. End result?🤣 This. #MikeesTravels #IsraeLIMS

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Make earth cool again! 🙌 - - - Credit: @respectgaia

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A proud heritage which goes back to more than 5000 years is just a click away. 🤗🤗🤗 #follow us for more on Sri Lanka & talk to us for a great adventure in Sri Lanka. 😊😊😊 #сигирия #шриланка #스리랑카 #paradise #tripinlk #instago #instafollow #passionpassport #vacations #instapassport #adventure #wanderlust #lonelyplanet #destination #スリランカ #سيريلانكا #voyage #instalife #instacool #bucketlist #旅行 #photography #dji #scupture #heritage #斯里兰卡 #buddha

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- I had an awesome experience touring inside Saint Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. The architecture was amazing, the beautiful mosaics illustrated stories of Venice's history, the ceilings were literally covered in biblical artwork, hundreds of sculptures, large tapestries and so much more. The day I visited, it was over-run with locals and tourists. Here are a few of my favorite photos of the upper exterior of the basilica and the Campanile bell tower. __ __ #travel #travelphotography #travelphoto #travelpics #photooftheday #traveldiaries #bestoftheday #travelawesome #travelphotography #tavelgram #travelblog #mytravelgram #trip #shetravels #essencetravels #globallettravels #womenwhoexplore #tourists #photography #wanderlust #explore #neverstopexploring #worldtravelbook #passionpassport #visualsoflife #streetphotography #lonelyplanet #nationalgeographic #venice #italy #saintmarkbasilica

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Sky Tower • •

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No other person on this planet was made for you, they were made for themselves. Love is all about choices. No one is going to be perfect for you, and I think we need to stop raising everyone on the belief that someone out there, just one other person in the whole world, was “made for you” because it isn’t true. No one is made for you, besides you. Other people belong to themselves. If you want to make it work with someone, it’s about hard work, understanding, compassion, communication, and choice. 🎈 . #DiscoverJordanwithNina

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Memory from last year ... Here I’m in Kerala, arrived a day late and this amazing ceremony got over known as Poorakkali, we still could see last day festivity. . Poorakkali ,Which means Festival Performance, is a traditional dance ritual performed by men during the nine-day Pooram festival in Bhagavathy temples across North Malabar, Kerala. The Pooram festival begins with the Karthika asterism and concludes with the Pooram asterism of the month of Meenam according to the Malayalam calendar to honour Kamadeva, the god of love. . The Poorakkali dance is performed by a troop of young men decked in lion costumes around a huge, multi-tiered, lit lamp, also known as a "nilavilukku." The dance involves masculine movements and acrobatic, martial art steps. No singers or musicians accompany the dance; instead, the dancers themselves keep rhythm by singing, clapping and executing synchronised foot-thumping movements. The dancers usually observe a month of abstinence and undergo strenuous practice before the performance. Most of the songs sung are hymns from The Ramayana or The Bhagavata. . Sony a7II + 16-35mm F4 . #SonyAlphaIn #SonyAlpha #SonyAlphaIndia . #writetotravel #travelphotographer #travel #bbctravel #wanderlust #passionpassport #passport #natgeo #natgeotravel #outdoors #traveler #travelphotography #photoofthday #instapicture #travelphoto #incredibleIndia . #Culture #Rituals #kerala #south_india #dance #colourfulindia #colours #fire #life

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A man’s home is his castle. At least in this case. A private house not far from #Vyšehrad . Тот, кто это построил, явно руководствовался девизом «Мой дом — моя крепость». Частный дом недалеко от Вышеграда. . #prague #praha #praga #прага #вышеград

8 2 0 weeks ago

[12/23/18] Left Miami & tried something new today! My parents wanted to check out some farms on our way to Tampa & while driving through the Everglades, we stopped for a ride on the airboats. The boats were super loud but the sun was setting as we went out & we got to see a couple of freshwater alligators too! 🐊 This view was such a pleasant surprise. We got lucky that we were the last group out because the water was so clear and reflective!

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Aquamen 〰️ Tamarama Bay

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: “Prepare to take a great leap forward. Prepare to swim the English Channel and then drown in champagne.”

18 1 a minute ago

• tripophobia (n): the fear of not having any travel trips currently booked ⠀⠀ it feels really weird not having anything planned and not knowing when the next time i’ll hop on a plane again is going to be. it’s like an itch i can’t seem to scratch. ⠀⠀ anybody else feels the same way? 🙋🏻‍♀️

43 4 2 hours ago

When HE allows you to go through a storm, it’s not to destroy you. It’s to show you how good He is. You’ve got this! 💜

43 1 9 hours ago

What to do with all this happiness?! Where to drop it?!

345 22 14 hours ago

Another day, Another DREAM COME TRUE! Definitely the biggest ✅ on my bucketlist: Checking out the Tallest building in the World! 🇦🇪

366 20 18 hours ago

Japan isn't short on beautifully-lit places-- most of which are often "izakayas" or a type of an informal Japanese pub. They're comparable to irish pubs, or tapas bars, where you can get grilled food and usually cheap drinks. . Their presence is also almost always signalled by a "noren", or shop curtains, which advertises food available inside. (Ramen and takoyaki stores also often have this curtain.) . Sometimes, I tend to stop and watch the lights as people pass by. Don't you think it's pretty? 💖 . Fun fact: before I ended up drawing food, I used to draw japanese neon signs, manhole covers, and norens too! I thought they would be cute as stickers, until I ended up with food (and never looked back since then 🤣) . . . . . . . . #travelgram #japan #ebisu #tokyo #lookingupatbuildings #igersjp #throwback #passionpassport #ig_color #huffpostgram #東京カメラ部 #photography #photooftheday #TLPicks #ttot #東京 #日本 #instatravel #theglobewanderer #lp #vacationwolf #roamtheplanet #jp_mood #fatalframes #yourshotphotographer #恵比寿 #keeplooking

154 3 22 hours ago

Standing tall 🕍

185 14 2 days ago

This chain serves up some scrummy ramen that warms the soul 🍜. Every ingredient compliments the other - from the spicy pork to the slightly salty hard boiled (still runny in the middle somehow) egg. This ramen is the perfect hangover cure on this St. Paddy’s weekend 🍀🍻#ramen #noodlelife #beijing #🇨🇳

154 6 a week ago

Hai Di Lao | AI Hot Pot Restaurant | This place isn’t quite the ‘Fifth Element’ experience that you might be expecting but it certainly makes a fun change from the usual hot pot you’re used to! After a hefty 3-hour wait (it was Friday night I should add) we managed to get a table at the ever-popular ‘robot-run’ restaurant 🤖. The cinema-like waiting room keeps guests occupied with snacks and games before you’re moved to the ‘viewing room’ where you can witness some of the machines in action - what they’re doing exactly we weren’t sure but it gets you excited nonetheless. The real ‘wow’ moment is when you enter the main dining area - a mass of people and huge LED screens with interchanging backdrops inc. rainforests, mountains and space (and more). The food itself meets the consistently delicious standard of all Hai Di Lao restaurants and the service was more than attentive. The robots aren’t quite quite popping the veg in the pot (yet anyway) but they do scoot through the tables delivering dishes and hand out pleasantries. Was it worth the wait? I think so... Being able to experience just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI integration was something to remember. Here’s to the future ✌🏻💫 #chinatrips #beijing #🇨🇳 #hotpot

196 9 3 weeks ago

Come on in and fill up a cup 🥃. These big drums full of Chinese spirits take a pretty picture..prettier than the picture you take of yourself after a few too many 🤪 Lots of new exciting content to come soon 💫 #staytuned #cheers #chinatrips #baijiu #🇨🇳

242 10 4 weeks ago

Not to be confused with Cafe 1901 in West Beijing, this spot near Shichahai is a great place to enjoy a cup a joe whilst sinking in to its giant sofas with a real page turner. Make your way through the rustic front building, across the courtyard and in to the back building to find this cosy corner. It also has a decent distribution of power outlets if you’re looking for somewhere quiet to nail those deadlines. Granted, the food isn’t anything to shout about but it’s not really the reason you’re there anyway... ☕️📖 📍1901 Cafe, Di’anmen West Street, Shichahai #chinatrips #beijing #coffee #🇨🇳

262 16 5 weeks ago

Happy Monday! Here’s some impressive waffle-pops to get you through the post-holiday work week 🍭 #waffles #beijing #chinatravel #🇨🇳

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